SOGEBRAS joining challenge whilst Cruise Liner shipbuilding approaches to completion

The St-Nazaire STX Shipyard is worldwide know as a major ship builder collectioning the records lead from construction of new cruisers shipbuildings.
Currently under finalization in construction dock, ship A34 received her name of “HARMONY OF THE SEAS” and will become the bigger cruise ship ever built at her launch in April 2016.
Arriving at this step of work, THLG member SOGEBRAS begins to get involved and consulted for her locally know-how experience in OOG and abnormal cargoes delivered from their suppliers.
April / May 2015 lead to a nice serie of deliveries with The central Chimney 170t – 38x15x13m, The Mast 62t – 25x15x12m, 2x Funnel racks 27t – 18x10x5m, 2x Flowriders 27t – 16x10x3m, all using the HL Derrick 400 MT and are then now ready for the final weldings !

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