The first nacelle leaves Montoir

Atlantique Manutention performed loading operations on March 19th on M/V Palembang for Haliade 150 offshore wind turbine nacelle produced by the new General Electric (former Alstom) factory at Montoir de Bretagne.

 Nacelle_Alstom_PSOrdered by EDFEN, thenacelle will be installed at the Osterild test site.

 The entire project (including other components of the turbine) was directed by OCTRA, a French engineering and transport board, recently based in Montoir and headquartered in Paris.  

This was the first lo-lo handling operation to be conducted for this type of nacelle.

The previous nacelles were loaded by ro-ro operation at the Saint Nazaire dock basins. The 422-tonne nacelle was conveyed by specialist haulage firm Transports Scales on 18th March from the factory to the TGO terminal, where it was stored pending loading.

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